Multi-apartment house renovation loan | Luminor
Multi-apartment house renovation loan
Loan servicing and executionStarting at 1% of the loan amount, min. EUR 200,00 (applying using application portal - at 1% of the amount, min. EUR 150,00)
Execution of amendments to loan agreement (including amendments to repayment schedule)Starting at 0.5% of the outstanding loan balance, min. EUR 150,00
Early loan repayment (if the contract concluded with the client does not specify another amount)Starting at 2% of the early repayment amount, min. EUR 500,00
Submission of commercial pledge application and signing with a secure e-signature on behalf of the commercial pledge provider (should the latter not have a secure e-signature)EUR 45,00
Issuance of the Bank’s consent*Upon individual agreement, min. EUR 45,00

Fees for corporate customers are set on individual basis, based on mutual agreement between the Customer and the Bank.