Luminor Līzings Latvija SIA price list (DNB) | Luminor
Leasing services
Changes in the agreement*Up to 1,5% of leasing object price; min, EUR 120,00
Agreement on sublease or lendingEUR 60,50
Preparation of notices and powers of authorityEUR 25,00
Preparation of reports upon the customer’s requestEUR 85,00, including VAT

Prices are specified incl. VAT
* Inc.changes in the agreement or schedule, execution of documents in case of early termination of obligations or refinancing.

CASCO insurance policy
Execution of insurance policy upon customer’s requestFree of charge
Insurance policy premium paymentAccording to rates set by the insurance company

Prices are specified incl. VAT

Factoring services
SERVICEPRICE (prices are indicated excluding VAT)
Factoring application considerationFree of charge
Factoring contract remunerationUp to 1,5%of the factoring limit (minimum EUR 350,00)
Invoice processingUp to 1,0% from the invoice amount (minimum EUR 1,00)
Factoring limit increase / Factoring maturity prolongationUp to 1,5% of the factoring limit extension amount / pextended term (minimum EUR 150,00)
Amendments of the factoring agreementEUR 75,00
Buyer limit review (without credit insurance)EUR 30,00 (for each Buyer)
Buyer limit review (with credit insurance)EUR 40,00 (for each Buyer from Europe) EUR 50,00 (for each Buyer outside of Europe)
Annual fee for Buyer's credit insurance limit (starting from the second year)EUR 30,00 (for each Buyer)
Increasing of the Buyer’s credit insurance limitEUR 20,00 (for each Buyer)
Preparation of invoices and sending them by postEUR 1,50
Preparation and issuing copies of documents from the archiveEUR 1,50 (for each page)
Preparation of a statement on factoring liabilities (agreement, interest paid, outstanding liabilities, reconciliation acts, etc.)EUR 7,50
Preparation of a non-standard statement upon the Seller’s requestUp to EUR 30,00