Luminor Līzings SIA price list (Nordea) | Luminor
Fee for loan disbursement
Leasing application considerationFree of charge
Commitment fee for Corporate clientsUp to 1,5% of leasing object price; min, EUR 165,00 * when buying co-operation partners within the framework of shares min., EUR 130.00
An additional commission for legal entities for the preparation of contract documents in 2 languages (Latvian and English)EUR 121,00
Commitment fee for change of the lesseeEUR 170,00
Commission fee from legal entities and private customers engaged in economic activity in case the loan principal is reduced or repaid before maturity*1,5 % of the repaid principal but not less than EUR 60,50
Amendments to the leasing agreementEUR 121,00

Prices are specified incl. VAT
* Repayment of liabilities before maturity entails also the payment of reasonable interest if the agreement was signed at a fixed interest rate. Interest losses are calculated by Luminor Līzings on the date of termination of the agreement.

Other Leasing Services
Lease payment invoice by postEUR 1,82
CSDD commission fee*up tp EUR 12,00
Production of document copies and retrieval from archiveEUR 5,00 for each page
Preparation of statements on lease liabilitiesEUR 15,00
Preparation of notices and powers of authority EUR 25,00
Drafting and production of non-standard statementsup to EUR 50,00
Drafting of authorization to leave the territory of the Republic of LatviaEUR 15,00
Commission fee for express transfersAccording to the pricelist of Luminor (Latvia)
Review and granting consent to sub-lease or sub-lendingEUR 60,50
Granting consent to install LPG equipment on Lease ObjectEUR 20,00
Release of commercial pledgeEUR 30,00
Notarized mandata inspectionEUR 15,00

Prices are specified incl. VAT
* Commission fee can be changed due to CSDD prices

Factoring services
SERVICEPRICE (prices are indicated excluding VAT)
Factoring application considerationFree of charge
Factoring contract remunerationUp to 1,5%of the factoring limit (minimum EUR 350,00)
Invoice processingUp to 1,0% from the invoice amount (minimum EUR 1,00)
Factoring limit increase / Factoring maturity prolongationUp to 1,5% of the factoring limit extension amount / pextended term (minimum EUR 150,00)
Amendments of the factoring agreementEUR 75,00
Buyer limit review (without credit insurance)EUR 30,00 (for each Buyer)
Buyer limit review (with credit insurance)EUR 40,00 (for each Buyer from Europe) EUR 50,00 (for each Buyer outside of Europe)
Annual fee for Buyer's credit insurance limit (starting from the second year)EUR 30,00 (for each Buyer)
Increasing of the Buyer’s credit insurance limitEUR 20,00 (for each Buyer)
Preparation of invoices and sending them by postEUR 1,50
Preparation and issuing copies of documents from the archiveEUR 1,50 (for each page)
Preparation of a statement on factoring liabilities (agreement, interest paid, outstanding liabilities, reconciliation acts, etc.)EUR 7,50
Preparation of a non-standard statement upon the Seller’s requestUp to EUR 30,00