Internal payments | Luminor
Payments within Luminor Bank (all currencies)
SERVICETime*Price at Service place or Call CenterTime*Price via Electronic chanellsExecution time
Incoming payments within the Bank - Free of charge - Free of chargeimmediately
Transfers (outgoing payments) within the Bank:
- transfer between RIKO** and NDEA*** accounts or between NDEA*** and RIKO** accounts in other currencies Pursuant to other sections of the Price List regarding outgoing payments in respective currency.

Internal payments is a transfer of funds in all currencies within Luminor Bank.

Effecting of payments via 24/7 Customer Support is offered to private individuals only. The maximum total amount of payments within 24 hours via Customer Support tallies up to EUR 4 000 (max. limit for one payment EUR 1400).

*Payment orders received after the cut-off time shall be considered received on the following Business day of the Bank.

** Account, which number contains letters “RIKO” (LVxxRIKOxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
*** Account, which number contains letters “NDEA” (LVxxNDEAxxxxxxxxxxxxx).