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From idea till your home

Easier than you think

  • We will help you to find right property
  • We will offer most appropriate funding for your plans
  • We will support you during whole real estate purchase process

We believe that the dream of each family is their own home. If you are looking for a new home, consider of building or renovating, let us make it happen.

You are 7 steps away from your new home


Each idea start with the dream about something own: my own room, my own bathroom or kitchen, my family home, my summer house... Each idea needs a plan for its step-by-step implementation. Experienced lending officers will prepare a customized home acquisition funding plan. The biggest added value will be our hands-on support during the entire acquisition process to let you enjoy the home acquisition process!

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • When I should buy?
  • What is better - renting or buying?
  • Dream about one’s own home – where to start?

If you have an idea about your own housing – come to the meeting!


We will turn your ideas into opportunities.

During the conversation with the customer by identifying the existing situation and options is found the most suitable funding solution for the housing acquisition. Lending officers will prepare for you a custom-made schedule for the purchase of home.

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • What is my creditworthiness?
  • What monthly instalment will be affordable?
  • What own investment should be required?


We will help to create a plan with specific milestone. When the idea has turned into a plan with specific milestones and to-do list, there appear many new questions that first may pose a real challenge in the home acquisition process. Home acquisition is a responsible decision, and therefore our task is to assist your progress in a clear and comprehensible way.
Our lending officers will provide you with valuable hands-on support over the entire housing acquisition process

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • What to keep in mind when choosing the property?
  • Housing acquisition – with the government support or not?
  • What is the step-by-step procedure towards the housing acquistion?


We will find the appropriate funding for your plan. It is easier to choose a home, if you are aware of your finances, comprehend the real estate market trends and know what to  keep in mind when choosing the home.

After finding a suitable property and filling out the loan application you will get the loan recommendation.

After obtaining the offer you most likely will have further questions – when, where, what documents must be submitted? – but everything will be simplified due to assistance of a reliable and professional lending officer.

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • When, where, what documents must be submitted?
  • What additional expenses will occur during the acquisition process?
  • What is the action plan and further steps?

Loan approval

Housing loan must be a well-considered desicion. We care about first-rate customer experience, and therefore the lending officer will thoroughly explain the loan terms and conditions, guide you through the sequence of actions, procedures and requested documents – practical assistance will be of big support! 

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • What is the action plan for further steps?
  • How to see the progress?
  • Whom to approach in case of queries?


No stress with documents – lending officer will guide you in every next move. Loan terms and conditions and the disbursement procedure is specified in the loan agreement. Lending officer will guide you though documents and explain every next move.

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • What should be noted prior to entering into the agreement?
  • What obligations assumes the surety?
  • When to re-register the title?

Loan repayment

We will be near if you will need Support during repayment. Loan agreement means an obligation to repay the loan over the entire repayment period. To simplify the loan instalment procedure they will be automatically withheld from the customer’s account with the bank. To avoid any issues, the best solution is to secure regular transfer of income to your bank account.
However, if you need support during the loan repayment period the lending officer will be there for you to provide assistance in any situation.

We will help to find answers to questions:

  • What are the early loan repayment options?
  • What happens to the loan in case of selling the property during the repayment period?
  • What actions with the property require the coordination with the bank?
  • What to do in case of financial difficulties?

If you have an idea about your own housing – let's meet!



Find out your loan options and select the dwelling

  • To find out the loan options use the calculator, visit the Customer Service Center to get a consultation or call 1880
  • When choosing the dwelling consider and assess accessibility of infrastructure, anticipated maintenance costs, technical condition of both the apartment and building, and land ownership


Fill out the application

Fill out the application and we will contact you in a one day


See our offers

We will explain to you the principal loan provisions to be agreed.


Execute the required documents

  • Enter into purchase or down-payment agreement on purchase of the property
  • Sign the loan agreement with us


Be insured

Protect your home and get the home insurance


Carry out the pledge registration

  • Submit and obtain documents to/from the Land Register office on the purchase of dwelling and the pledge registration
  • We will assist you in preparation of the required documents 

Necessary documents

  • Loan application
  • Passport or eID card
  • Account overview for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Real estate serving as a security deposit price estimate

 We will assist you in fulfilling your dream about a new home! 

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