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Do you wish for a new home? Apply for the housing loan and we will offer to you good conditions. With the ALTUM program down-payment is reduced both for the families with children and young professionals aged up to 35.

Assess the benefits



Find out your loan options and select the dwelling

  • To find out the loan options use the calculator, visit the Customer Service Center to get a consultation or call 1880
  • When choosing the dwelling consider and assess accessibility of infrastructure, anticipated maintenance costs, technical condition of both the apartment and building, and land ownership


Fill out the application

Fill out the application and we will contact you in a one day


See our offers

We will explain to you the principal loan provisions to be agreed.


Execute the required documents

  • Enter into purchase or down-payment agreement on purchase of the property
  • Sign the loan agreement with us


Be insured

  • See about the security of your family and opt for the borrower’s life insurance 
  • Protect your home and get the home insurance


Carry out the pledge registration

  • Submit and obtain documents to/from the Land Register office on the purchase of dwelling and the pledge registration
  • We will assist you in preparation of the required documents 

Necessary documents

  • Loan application
  • Passport or eID card
  • Account overview for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Real estate serving as a security deposit price estimate

 We will assist you in fulfilling your dream about a new home! 

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