Interest-free Credit cards (New Cards are not issued, renewed and replaced) | Luminor
Provision of credit card (maintenance)
Card account currencyEUR
Monthly fee for Card service*
- MasterCard Standard (along with travel insurance)EUR 2.00
- MasterCard Gold (along with travel insurance)EUR 5.50
PIN code reminderEUR 1.00

* The monthly fee for the Card service is due starting from the next month after the month when the card was made and shall be paid (for the previous month) on the date on which the card was made.

Card transactions
Card account currencyEUR
Cash withdrawal at ATMs in Latvia and abroad*2.0% of the transaction amount, min. EUR 3.50/ USD 4.00
One's own Account crediting through an ATM of Luminor (Latvia) by Card (also in case several Cards are used for the account crediting):
- below EUR 5 000.00 in a calendar monthFree of charge
- above EUR 5 000.00 in a calendar month0.2% of the amount exceeding EUR 5 000.00 (or an equivalent in other currency)
Purchases within the borders of Latvia and abroad**0.5% of the transaction amount
Currency exchange mark-up***3,0%

* Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs:
- Daily limit: for MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold cards EUR 5 000.00.
- Limit over 30-day period for any type of card is EUR 20 000.00.
- Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs equipped only with magnetic stripe reading technology EUR 350.00 a day.
- If card account currency is not euro, cash withdrawal limits from ATMs specified in this section are converted into the card account currency according to the euro reference exchange rate published by the European Central Bank at the beginning of each relevant period in compliance with the regulations for application of this exchange rate set in the General Regulations on Transactions of the Bank.
** Purchase limit - EUR 5,000.00 a day.
*** Currency exchange mark-up is added to the currency exchange rate (reference exchange rate) applicable to the transaction executed with the payment card, if the transaction currency differs from the card account currency.

Information on card transactions
Card account currencyEUR
SMS infoEUR 0.09 per SMS text
Information on account balance demands at ATMs
- in ATMs of Luminor (Latvia)Free of charge
- in ATMs of other banks (if service is available)EUR 0,50/ USD 0,60
Credit line
Card account currencyEUR
Annual interest rate on loan0
Loan maturityBy the 15th date of each month
Annual interest on loan for overdue payments36% p.a.

This rate is informative.

Other services
Card account currencyEUR
Interest on unauthorized debit balance36% p.a.
Increase of standard cash withdrawal and purchase limitsEUR 5.00
Fee for processing of an unsubstantiated claim if the cardholder has provided false information to the Bank that is endorsed by a third party; or a request from a trader of a transaction approval documentEUR 15.00
Closed Card account maintenance (first to be charged one year after the Customer’s written notice on the Card closure)EUR 40,00 p.a.