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This is a service that involves investment in financial instruments. The fund investments can be influenced by the risks of currency fluctuations, price and interest rates changes, credit risks, liquidity risks, as well as other risks, which can reduce or increase the investment value. Before taking the investment decision please learn more about the offer.
Judicial acts of the Republic of Latvia allow refund the resident income tax in the amount of up to 20% (but not more than 4000 EUR) of the life insurance payments. The insurance agreement has to be signed for at least 10 years (without partial repayment of the payments) and cannot exceed 10% from person’s taxable income. More...
The rules for refunding the resident income tax are defined by the law "About resident income tax" and judicial acts following from it. The information about the taxes is submitted according to the judicial laws of the Republic of Latvia valid at the present moment.
ERGO Insurance SE is registered in Commercial Register of Estonia, registration number 10017013, judicial address: A.H. Tammsaare tee 47, Tallin, 11316, Estonia. Represented in Latvia by Latvian filial of ERGO Insurance SE, registration number 40103599913, judicial address: Skanstes iela 50, Rīga, LV–1013.