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Leave golden fish in fairy tales

Choose 1 or 3 saving programs and reach for your goals

Dreaming about small puppy, adventurous vacation or new stuff in your home? Your dreams matters!

For big dreams or just for a cozy bed choose from our savings products, apply for a regular payment and start to form savings now. The funds saved will help in implementing your plans and create a sense of security in case of emergency.

Regular payment

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Price List: Saving Account
Price List: III Pillar Pension
Price List: Current Account
Background information on the protection of the state-guaranteed deposits
Terms & Conditions 
Information about Income Tax for Individuals
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Important! Deposit Guarantee Law of Republic of Estonia provides guaranteed compensation in amount of deposit, but not more than 100 000 EUR in case of unavailability of deposits per depositor. More information is available in Background information on the protection of the state-guaranteed deposits.