An effective tool for the management of large companies’ money matters.

Manage all of your companies’ bank accounts with just one user name!

  • Get an instant snapshot of everything happening in your accounts.
  • The user interface is easy to use and provides the perfect overview.
  • Bridge is quick and safe to access by logging in with your Smart ID.

Bridge makes it even more convenient to:

  • make internal, domestic and international payments
  • make salary payments
  • import payments in FIDAVISTA and XML (PAIN.001.001.03) format
  • gain an overview of the situation in your companies (if you have ordered the group account function)
  • generate group account reports (PDF or CSV)
  • generate turnover reports (PDF or CSV)
  • obtain end-of-day account statements (PDF, CSV or XML)
  • search for transactions (offering a variety of ways to do so)
  • establish individual rights and limits for each user
  • grant rights of approval (individual or in pairs)
Information on payments and statements is accessible in the Bridge Remote Access System from entry into the Agreement for Use of Bridge Remote Access until the expiry of the agreement. You can request information on the accounts that have been added to the Bridge System and are not located in Luminor from the payment service provider that manages said accounts.

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