Beware of fraudulent phone calls!

Remember that the bank never calls or sends e‑mails to customers with a request to disclose the account number, payment card details, internet bank access passwords, as well as does not ask to authorize in the internet bank or confirm payments.

We will take care of the monthly fee

0 € per month for Luminor Black package from 01.06.2021. until 31.08.2021.

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Real estate purchase or repair loan

Do you have great plans? We have an offer for you

Consumer loan up to EUR 20 000 without agreement fee. Offer valid from 14.06.2021 until 15.08.2021

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Consumer loan up to 20 000 €

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Consultations in Customer Service Centers take place only at a pre-booked time

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+371 67 17 1880
New Luminor index pension plan

Sustainable future

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Luminor Investor makes investing 

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Become a customer remotely

Learn how to implement e-commerce solutions in your company

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