Term deposits

If you want to deposit money but may have a sudden need for it, you can make an open deposit that will allow you to manage your cash flow and earn interest on the deposited sum.

Assess the benefits

  • Safe investment with low risk
  • Receive a fixed interest rate over an agreed period
  • Make a deposit in EUR, USD, GBP and NOK
  • Making an online deposit attracts a higher rate of interest than in ordered deposit
  • Add any sum to the deposit at any time doing so as many times as you like
  • Withdraw the money when you need it informing the bank in advance
  • Add money to a term deposit via the Internet banking system of the Luminor without any commission fee
  • Interest is calculated for the account settlement on a daily basis and is transferred to your term deposit account once a month

How to open your savings account


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Sign the agreement on Internet Banking, call us on +371 67 17 1880 or visit us at the Customer Service Center


Execute a term deposit

Execute a term deposit and sign the agreement in the Internet Bank or at the Customer Service Center. The interest rates for deposits starting from EUR 100 000, USD 100 000, GBP 100 000 or NOK 1 000 000 are estimated individually.

Necessary documents

  • Company autherised person passport or eID

Make safe and easy savings in just a few clicks

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Important! Deposit Guarantee Law of Republic of Estonia provides guaranteed compensation in amount of deposit, but not more than 100 000 EUR in case of unavailability of deposits per depositor. More information is available in Background information on the protection of the state-guaranteed deposits.