The Luminor story | Luminor

In times when the only constant thing is change, Luminor was established – a contemporary new generation bank and financial services provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We dare to simplify things. Our curiosity drives the change for a better tomorrow. We are here for local businesses and financially active people with entrepreneurial mindset.

We combined the rich experience of the two leading Nordic banks, Nordea and DNB, with understanding of our local markets and customer needs. We want to serve all customer groups with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies, as well as enterprising private clients.

Luminor is the 3rd largest financial services provider in the Baltic banking market with 16% market share in deposits and 23% in lending. We have a wide customer base of around 1.3 million customers and 3000 working professionals.

Our values

Our aim is a strong and customer-focused culture, fitting the modern world we live and work in, and it is based on our core values:

The name Luminor brings together our two most distinctive strengths.

Lumin– is a Latin root meaning “light”. That’s what we are – a trustworthy partner illuminating the way forward for our customers, businesses, communities and countries we live and operate in. 

The second part of our name, –nor, refers to our deep roots in the Nordics.

Let this name be a guiding star for customers and co-workers alike, reminding what the brand stands for and why.