Cash Pooling Solution

Cash Pooling Solution

Cash Pooling Solution

  • With the cash pooling service, associated companies can enjoy smoother cash flow management, greater flexibility, and more accurate forecasting of current asset demand

Why choose the cash pooling solutions?

  • Reduced need to borrow external funds from banks
  • Flexible, easy, and quick internal borrowing options within the group
  • Higher interest income or lower interest expenses
  • Centrally managed liquidity status information for all companies in the group
  • Fast and straightforward installation process

How do I start using the cash pooling service?

Fill in the application form or contact your advisor. Feel free to inquire about our service via e-mail

Receive a personalized offer. We'll choose a cash pooling structure to fit your group's unique needs and activities.

Sign the agreement. We'll finalize the agreement terms and conditions with you and sign the agreement.

Let us do the hard work. We'll handle the implementation of the service and take care of the necessary technical configurations in the bank's systems.

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