If you’re a starting entrepreneur, it’s important to know what and when to do to reach your customers.

How to grow? How to be more successful? Keep in mind, that there is no one-size fits all dress in this topic, it’s all a matter of practice, failing and learning.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind, when you start thinking about marketing your product:

1. Are you ready for it?

Don’t invite new customers in before you are sure, that you can dedicate yourself to every one of them. It’s a common mistake. Make sure you have room for more before you start inviting new people to the party. Find support, if you see, that you cannot do it on your own. Bad news travel fast in the age of social media, especially the ones about poor customer experience.

2. Who are you talking to?

Do a bit of research before you start sharing your message in all channels possible. What does your customer read? Where does he spend his time? Is your customer more a LinkedIn user or maybe you can find him scrolling in Instagram more often than anything? Target your customers in the channels that they use.

3. Look in the online mirror

Before hitting the post button on your Facebook page, make sure you have filled in all the informational boxes about yourself. Make yourself presentable – your social media account is your business card. If it’s all dodgy and crumbled up, nobody will contact you.

4. First steps should be small

Effectiveness can be found in being reasonable about who you target. Don’t try to reach the whole world in one post – try different options of targeting. Be smart when choosing the audiences to your posts.

You can find very useful tips about Facebook marketing from their Ads Help Center.

5. Collect e-mail addresses

No matter what people say about watching TV and reading e-mails (yeah, of course, you don’t do it too), the statistics show, direct marketing is still popular and effective. Collect e-mails of your users, get their consent to direct offers and marketing and contact them regularly.

And of course, use Google – search, search and search for relevant information. You can find very useful tips about marketing put together by absolute experts. Things change rapidly, therefore it’s only reasonable to keep yourself updated.

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