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In cooperation with ALTUM, Luminor offers unsecured loans of up to EUR 75,000 subject to the owner’s guarantee only.

The loan is aimed at SMEs, which are financially stable yet unable to provide sufficient collateral, or there are any other specific factors that limit their financing options (e.g. purchase of certain equipment, which is not accepted as collateral by the bank.

Support for at least 150 companies

It is expected that in the next  two years Luminor will grant to its customers, namely, SMEs, additional financing in the amount of 7.5 million, hence supporting at least 150 companies.

The Portfolio Guarantee Scheme is a new state support financial instrument designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) which need financing of up to EUR 75,000 for achieving their business goals. The financial institution ALTUM chose Luminor through an open tender as one of the three financial service providers which will implement the new support scheme for entrepreneurs.

For what purposes can a company get a loan?

  • Purposeful business development
  • Current assets financing
  • Acquisition of specific equipment or other fixed assets

What services are available?

  • Credit line (minimum loan amount EUR 2,000)
  • Investment loan (minimum loan amount EUR 10,000)


  • Financially more favourable conditions
  • lower interest rates than those applicable to unsecured overdraft
  • no property valuation, mortgage registration, notary  or similar expenses
  • No need for collateral but the shareholder's guarantee
  • Quick and easy loan administration: automatic state guarantee issuance for relevant transactions, no wasted time for mortgage registration, valuations etc.

Is my company eligible to receive an unsecured loan?

  • I am a small or medium entrepreneur
  • My company has not exceeded the received de minimis state support of EUR 200,000 over the last three fiscal years (if operating in the freight forwarding industry – EUR 100,000)
  • I do not represent an industry not covered by the Portfolio Guarantee Scheme

Useful sites

​ Loan application in Latvian
 Credit (Loan) Disbursement Request

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