Interest rate risk management

If your company has debt obligations, Luminor Markets offers flexible solutions to protect you against interest rate fluctuations on the interbank market. Interest rate risk management products such as interest rate swap and interest rate cap are suitable for companies who want to know their interest expenses in advance and hedge against a potential rise in the interest rate level.

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Necessary documents and requirements

  • Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch agreement on transactions with derivative financial instruments
  • Trading limit for derivative financial instruments
  • LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) code
  • The customer must ensure sufficient funds available on the account on the settlement date to execute the transaction
The agreement on transactions with derivative financial instruments is available upon request

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Important! Financial instruments may be exposed to risk. Value of the financial instrument throughout the contract period may decrease or increase and the results are not guaranteed. In certain market conditions the client may suffer losses and become indebted to the bank in the amount of loss that may significantly exceed the client’s capital.
This page is intended for circulation of general information and does not refer to any specific risk hedging objectives, financial situation or particular needs of a particular person. Prior to concluding any financial instrument transaction, please read an overview of financial instruments and the related risks. You are kindly asked to carefully consider your personal financial situation and underlying risks. The information on this page does not comprise an offer to buy or sell any specific financial instrument. This information also cannot be deemed as a consultation on financial instruments in accordance with the Financial Instrument Market Law. More information about Luminor financial risk management services, terms and conditions, pricelist and the related risks can be found here.