3-month Base rate
6-month Base rate

Date: 2021-12-03

Period Rate
3-month Base rate -0.2103 %
6-month Base rate -0.1793 %

Base Rate – annual interest rate consisting of EURIBOR and the Floating Funding Margin. Interest period of the Base rate is 3 or 6 months.

EURIBOR – rate of interbank loans in Euro for the respective interest period. EURIBOR is applied on the second business day after its fixing date. EURIBOR rates are published on the website of EURIBOR-EBF.

Floating funding margin – ICE Custom Index Q973. The index reflects the funding spread above EURIBOR paid by European banks with high credit ratings for long-term funding in Euro.
The index is calculated by ICE Data Indeces, LLC by virtue of bonds’ trades made by European banks with high credit ratings.
ICE Custom Index Q973 is calculated from daily index as the moving average over a 6-month period.
Daily index is calculated based on EUR bonds of European banks with high credit ratings (Composite A- to AA-) in compliance with the criteria as follows: 

  • Eurozone countries with Moody’s rating of A1 or better, plus Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland 
  • Every bank is represented by a single bonds’ issue 
  • The bonds’ redemption period varies between 4-10 years 
  • The minimum amount of a single issue is EUR 500 mil.

The Bank applies the value of ICE Custom Index Q973 that has been imposed two business days earlier. More information including information about historical ICE Custom Index Q973 values is available on ICE Index Platform:
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2. The respective index and the date should be selected on the Home page. For historical data overview the Show Chart option needs to be selected.