Every spring has its story – more of fresh Luminor everywhere | Luminor

Spring is the time to open the windows and let in some fresh air. This is what we did as well.

We took the next step and are more than happy to invite you to our renewed home page www.luminor.lv and app, freshly looking branches and ATM’s. We are also starting to introduce our Luminor cards.

To make the browsing in our new webpage easier or if you have trouble to find information, we have made simple guidelines.

But there is more yet to come!

As our apps also got a new look, we ask you to download a new app version from Google Play or App Store to receive the best user experience. You can find us under the username Luminor.

Starting from April – when your card expires, you will receive a new one – Luminor card. Not to worry, the card you have in your wallet right now will not stop working until the expiry date printed on it. And when that day comes, we will contact you.

And you can already see more Luminor colours all over the town, as you can visit our freshly looking branches and ATM’s across all the country. We are finalizing this change during the first weeks of April. We are happy to contribute to the spring’s mood with more colours, and hope you will like our new look everywhere.