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CASCO insurance

Your car is special. Therefore, you need a special insurance that will protect the car and you from unwanted risks. Unwanted, but nevertheless, possible. DNB will find the CASCO coverage suitable exactly for your car and your conditions.

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Real estate insurance

Your house, apartment or any other real estate are, probably, your most valuable possessions. Protect your real estate against unexpected damage!

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Payment Protection Insurance

Feel more confident! Payment protection insurance covers loan instalments and monthly expenses in case of unemployment or incapacity to work.

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Apartment insurance

Apartment insurance – a special solution for your apartment! Insurance amount depends on the number of rooms.

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Borrower’s life insurance

As many as 44% of our mortgage clients opt also for the borrower’s life insurance!

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Life insurance to protect your family

Life insurance to protect one’s family secures financial protection for the family in case of losing its breadwinner. Moreover, life insurance instalments are subject to personal income tax benefits.

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