A secure free card for your child

A secure free card for your child

A secure free card for your child

  • For ages 6 to 21
  • Convenient remote onboarding
  • Free account with a contactless Luminor Debit card
  • Enable Safety+ for extra protection against fraudsters

For free

Luminor Debit for kids and youngsters 6 to 21 years

Remote onboarding

For parents or guardians who have account in Luminor

Safe and convenient

Internet bank and mobile app for you and your kids

Contactless card

Beep your phone in shops as well as in our ATM’s


Enable for just €0.79 a month

Real bank for the younger generation

Parents will be able to:

  • easy predefined money transfer to kids
  • have full control and overview of kid's Internet bank
  • change limits for purchases and transfers
  • enable or disable online and contactless payments

Kids will be able to:

  • pay with card in shops and online
  • make cash withdrawal
  • check the balance and make money transfers in internet bank and mobile app
  • change PIN in ATM or remind it in internet bank

Luminor Black for kids – when bigger adventures await

Free for the first three calendar months*, after that – EUR 5.50/month

*Offer valid till 31.12.2023 or until revoked. The first free calendar month is the month when the package is activated.


Explore Luminor Black

How to apply?

If you are a Luminor customer and have an electronic signature, you can open an account and order a card remotely for children under 18 years of age by filling in the application for opening an account for a child. If you are not a customer, apply here

Choose needed products, add documents and submit a digitally signed application

Sign e‑documents. We will send you e‑mail with a link to Dokobit system for document signing

Receive a card and a code generator. If you apply remotely, your child will receive a payment card and a code generator free of charge via Latvijas Pasts. To activate the code generator, the parent or guardian must send a message in their internet bank. The card will be activated in the child's internet bank

If you prefer to use a Smart‑ID‑enabled internet bank, you will need to visit our customer service center with your child. Please call +371 67 17 1880 to book a visit

Needed documents for parents

  • Kid’s birth certificate and his ID card or passport (mandatory from age 15)

Needed documents for legal guardian

  • Decision of the Custody Court regarding the establishment of guardianship or the appointment of a guardian
  • Kid’s birth certificate and his ID card or passport (mandatory from age 15)

The cash-out and payment operation limits applied to payment cards

  Daily cash withdrawal limit Purchase limit per day (including online) Monthly Cash withdrawal limit
6-15 years EUR 30 EUR 150* EUR 300
16-17 years EUR 30 EUR 700* EUR 700

*offline transactions are not included in the limit

Card for kids and youngsters - questions and answers

What to do if a child already has an account, but now needs a card and internet bank?

If the child has only an account and no access to the internet bank, then the parent can open the internet bank for the child remotely by following the steps here. If the parent/child’s representative does not have an electronic signature, then the internet bank can also be opened at one of our branches.

If the account is opened and a card is needed, then the parent can order the card via the child’s internet bank (under Accounts and cards / My cards / Order new card).

Is it possible to order a card for the child under the parent’s account? How to do this?

If the additional card user is a Luminor customer, the account owner orders additional card via the internet bank: Accounts and Cards / My cards / Order a new card for other person / If additional card holder is Luminor customer / Enter user’s personal identity number.

If the additional card holder is not a Luminor customer, he / she will need internet bank access to activate the card. Internet bank access should be requested by the parent before (see answer to the previous question).

Additional card’s age limits:

  • Luminor Debit available from age 6
  • Luminor Black available from age 12
  • Infinite (for Private Banking customers) available from age 12

From what age the child can use internet bank?

Internet bank access has no age restrictions, but age can differ for IB identification tools:

  • To access the internet bank remotely, the bank will issue a code generator (no age limitations).
  • Access to Smart-ID can be provided only in the branch. Smart-ID itself has no age restrictions for its users but age limits have been set depending on the Smart-ID account type and authentication method chosen.

Is it possible to open an account for children under 6-years-old?

Yes, but the card is available only from the age of 6.

How can parents change internet bank limits/rights for the child after account opening?

The parent via child’s internet bank needs to fill in one of these applications:
Internet bank / Applications / Internet bank / Change existing user settings / Change payment limits / Change rights.

What are the travel and purchase insurance rules for my child’s Luminor Black?

  • A child is a person under the age of 18 (except persons who have been deemed by the court).
  • Travel insurance rules and limits apply regardless of the card holder’s age.
  • Purchase insurance rules and limits apply regardless of the card holder’s age.
  • In case of an insured event, the claim can only be submitted by a child’s parent or legal guardian.

Make card even safer with Safety+

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