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If you need funds to improve the interior design, pay the tuition fees, finance your trip, buy a car or attain another goal you always can take out a loan from us – your real estate will serve as secure collateral!

Assess the benefits

Until the implementation of your ideas - only a few steps


Find out your loan options

To find out the loan options use the calculator, visit the Customer Service Center to get a consultation or call 1880.


Fill out the application and prepare the required documents

Apply here and we will contact you during the day. The application can also be filled in any Customer Service Center


See our proposal

  • It will list the principal lending terms and conditions we definitely can find an agreement on
  • Sign the loan agreement with the Bank


Get insurance against various troubles


Carry out the pledge registration

  • Submit and obtain documents to/from the Land Register office on the purchase of dwelling and the pledge registration
  • We are always ready to assist in preparation of the required documents within the framework of Hipo+ service


Congratulations - realize your plans!

  • We will transfer the money to your account
  • Please, remember that we are always ready to give you a hand

Necessary documents

  • Credit application
  • Passport or ID
  • Account review for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Price estimate of the real estate serving as a security deposit (link to the service)

A loan for every need and dream!

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