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Want a new car? We will assist in buying the desired vehicle fast and without any down-payment.

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Car loan 


Down payment Not needed Starting from 10%
Loan amount From 2000 to 12000 EUR From 8000 EUR
Used car valuation Not needed Needed
Car age limit No limit Not older than 13 years at the end of the lease
KASKO insurance Not mandatory (but recommended) Mandatory
Collateral and pledge registration Not needed Needed
Ownership On customers name On creditors name
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What is your creditworthiness?

To apply for the car loan you must be at least 21 and have monthly income of at least EUR 360 after taxes as well as a positive credit history.


Fill out the application

Application can be filled out here or at any Customer Service Center.


Get the answer

After submitting the application we will contact you within a single business day to agree on further steps.


Sign the agreement

After signing the agreement money will be immediately accessible on your account.

Required documents

  • Loan application
  • Account overview for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Passport or eID card

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Car loan up to 12 000 EUR for motor vehicle purchase!

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