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Family program

It may sound a bit unusual, but your family is a small, yet powerful enterprise that has to make everyday financial decisions regarding purchasing goods, education, medical services, housing, cars and vehicles, payment of bills and many other aspects involving financial planning.

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Seamen program

If you’re a seaman and you appreciate professional, quick and personal service, as well as knowledge of your industry – we will take care about your family finances while at work or taking rest.

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Private Banking

Our services are not just about financial management, it is also the art of getting to know and understanding each other. We will go an extra mile to ensure that our services help to reach your goals.

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Employee program

Use the opportunity to strengthen your benefit package for the employees by providing special offers from Luminor.

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New business customer program

To support companies on their journey, we have come up with a special program open to all companies who decide to join us.

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