Luminor Bank grants EUR 460 000 to Ventspils High Technology Park for the implementation of a large scale digitalisation project | Luminor

Luminor Bank has granted funding in the amount of EUR 460 000 to Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) for the implementation of a comprehensive digital innovation project Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe. The project will promote overall development of the city of Ventspils, especially in the area of digitalisation and education technologies.

The received support of Luminor bank amounting to almost half a million euros will enable the Ventspils High Technology Park to implement the activities of Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe project. The development of Digital Innovation Centre in the area of education technologies is planned in 2021, which will include the class of the future, prototyping workshop, room for joint technical creativity and an on-line platform to promote the options provided by the new centre. The implementation of project activities will ensure a significant contribution to the digitalisation of the city, education of residents, development of skills in work with modern technologies, as well as create new jobs. 

“Residents of Latvia and their skills, abilities, talents rank among our most valuable resources. Monitoring of the development of technology worldwide has led us to the awareness that digital skills become increasingly necessary in daily life, as well as on the labour market. Digitalisation of processes that has been implemented in the scheduled manner could also help in reducing the gap between the capital and regional cities in terms of digital skills, by promoting not only the competitiveness of the residents on the labour market, but also enabling them to perform a series of daily tasks digitally. We are happy to co-operate and support Ventspils High Technology Park, and anticipate success in the development of the digital and technological potential of the city of Ventspils,” Ilze Zoltnere, the head of Luminor Corporate Department in Latvia says.  

The sample of the future class for general educational establishments developed within the framework of the project will be a set of furniture, equipment, software, sample tasks and methodology, which will comply with the requirements of School 2030 in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Services of prototyping workshop will also be available to the residents and businesses, which will be ensured by using the following devices – rapid prototyping CNC workstation, woodworking CNC and other workstations, 3D printers, painting chamber, soldering and welding equipment, as well as a wide range of hand tools. Meanwhile, in room for joint technical creativity, which is situated in the territory of VHTP, several design and printing tools will be available, which will enable the receipt of design, advertising print services and the use of multimedia processing software.

“Within the Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe project, we have been doing a large amount of work on the provision of comprehensive technological opportunities to the residents. The developed on-line platform, prototyping workshop and the premises for joint creativity will provide the required support for the development of new skills and ideas. We invite companies, as well as residents to meet there by offering to use the premises as their base station for the launch of their operations and the development or experience exchange. We hope that this step will enable implementation of new business plans, development of the existing ones, creation of new workplaces and providing long-term innovative solutions, by making our city more attractive to other companies and workforce,” Ivars Eglājs, the Chairman of the Board of the foundation Ventspils High Technology Park says.

The project Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe is intended for the development of regional economic centres (the cities of Ventspils and Valmiera). During the project, first steps for the improvement of the competitiveness of the small European cities of the future will be made. Special emphasis is placed on career and education development, to ensure that the cities are able to receive qualified workforce. At the same time this develops the interest of youths in choosing science or STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics related professions. The projects in general is aimed at the development of favourable pre-requisites for the development of entrepreneurship. The implementation of the project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of Urban Innovative Actions programme. 

About Ventspils High Technology Park: 
Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) is a professional and dynamic business support organisation, that contributes to the economy of the city of Ventspils and Kurzeme Region by promoting the development of progressive industry sectors and new, well paid workplaces. VHTP also offers business consultations, rental of premises, support centre for business, education and science.