Luminor calls to be attentive: similar bank names make Luminor customers worry needlessly | Luminor

Luminor bank, which merged two banks (Nordea and DNB) two years ago, calls its customers to be observant, pay attention to the bank names and not to worry: FCMC announcement is related to the closure of PNB (ex-Norvik) bank, which has nothing in common with Luminor. That is why the customer of ex DNB bank, now Luminor, may feel absolutely safe about their deposits.

Luminor bank is stable, its financial situation is secure and the capital adequacy indices are well above the amount defined by the supervisory institutions.
About Luminor: Luminor is the third biggest provider of financial services in Baltic market with 1 million customers, 17% of market shares and approximately 21% in crediting. Luminor equity capital is 1.8 billion EUR and the Common Equity Tier ratio (CET1) is 20%.