FAQ about Basic package | Luminor
What does a regular banking service package mean?

Regular or daily service package includes the most popular banking services at a fixed monthly price. Every package differs by the scope of offered services. All banking packages – Mini, Basic, Comfort and Gold - include free of charge registration and maintenance of Internet-bank, current account maintenance as well as unlimited number of standard SEPA payments in EUR in Internet-bank. Besides, you can actively use all services included in the package at one fixed monthly charge.

What is the difference between Basic and Comfort packages?

Basic package is suitable for customers who regularly make payments through Internet-bank or Mobile bank, make settlements and cash withdrawals by Visa Debit card from ATMs.

Comfort package is a great choice, if you are or intend to become a holder of Visa Classic credit card with travel insurance. In addition to all benefits of Basic package you will have an opportunity to make standard cross-border and foreign currency payments through Internet-bank. Customers of our Comfort package also are offered Digipass 270 code calculator at a discount of 70%, or just EUR 5.40, which is a one-time fee for issuance of the security element.

What types of payments are included in Basic package?

Basic package includes an unlimited number of standard SEPA payments in euro through the Internet-bank within the borders of Latvia and the Europe as well as an unlimited number of regular payments and regular invoice payments (direct debit) to secure timely payment of all your invoices.

How a new customer can apply for a package?

You can apply for the package by filling out an application at our website. After the receipt of application we will contact you to agree on the meeting at any of our Customer Service Centers. The package execution is free of charge.  


How to apply for services included in Basic package?

  • Payments can be made through Internet-bank or Mobile bank free of charge;
  • Regular payments and regular invoice payment (direct debit) agreement can be executed through Internet-bank or at Customer Service Center;
  • Debit card, SMS info service can be applied for through Internet-bank, at Customer Service Center or by calling our 24/7 service line 1880.

Are all customers obligated to opt for a package?

Yes, every customer with a current or savings account is asked to opt for one of four packages, i.e. Mini, Basic, Comfort or Gold.

How to change a package and what charges will apply?

If you believe that another package will suit your needs better, please fill out the application on the change of package - it will enter into effect in the beginning of next month. Change of package is free of charge.

When will I be charged the monthly fee for the use of package?

Monthly fee for the package will be charged from your account once a month between every 2nd and 4th date for the precedent month.

What fee is payable for services not included in Basic package?

Fees for services not included in chosen packages will be charged under the Bank’s Pricelist.

Will there be a fee for payments at Customer Service Centers?

Yes, payments made at Customer Service Centers or Call Centre will be subject to a fee under the Bank’s Pricelist and free of charge if made through Internet-bank or Mobile bank.

What is the cash withdrawal limit on card when opting for Basic package?

Cash withdrawal limit does not change depending on the chosen daily package. All cash withdrawal limits from ATM remain unchanged according to the pricelist.

If I only have a debit card, will I also have a package?

Yes, you will also be asked to opt for one of our packages. If you are the holder of a debit card, our suggestion is to opt for Basic package, as in addition to monthly card maintenance fee it also includes free SMS info on the account transactions and Regular invoice payment (Direct debit) service.

How will be the fee charged if I have two debit cards?

If you have applied for Basic package, the package includes monthly fee for one card. Fee for the second card is payable under the Bank’s Pricelist.

What fees are charged from kids and teens?

To our clients aged between 7 and 18 we offer Basic package with 85% discount.

What fees are charged from senior citizens?

To seniors we offer Basic package with a 30% discount. To obtain this discount the customer who has turned 65 must apply for it at any Customer Service Center or through Internet-bank.