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** Personalised offers are tailored to better service your needs. To develop such personalised services, we may process personal data you have provided to us, for example such as financial data (e.g. transactional data). Please note that by opting out from personalised offers, you may still receive general offers and marketing message from us, however these will not be tailored to your personal needs.

*** From time to time if we have your consent, we can offer you precalculated credit offer. If you like the offer, you can apply for credit card or loan based on it with only a few clicks. In order to present such an offer we will check information about you in available public databases and carry out preliminary assessment of your creditworthiness, solvency and financial risk profile. Here is the list of the public databases you might check (please note that this list may change from time to time).

**** We can send you offers from our partners. The list of cooperation partners is constantly updated, so do not forget to check it from time to time. More information here.