Salary payment is intended for companies to transfer the salaries to their employees. The recipients may be the customers of any Latvian bank. If the payment sender and recipient has Current account which number contains only letters “RIKO” (LVxxRIKOxxxxxxxxxxxxx), both recipient card number and account number IBAN may be specified in the salary payment.

f the payment recipient is a customer of another bank, his IBAN account number shall be specified.

If the number of recipients exceeds 50, when importing the payment it will be automatically split into several parts.

Make Salary payment

  1. Open the section "Payments"
  2. Select "New Payment"
  3. In the left-hand menu select "Salary payment"
  4. Click "Payment import" if you want to import the consolidated (salary) payment file prepared in your accounting system, or fill out the details of the recipients manually in the Internet bank
  5. If the details are filled in manually, in the beginning only 5 columns shall appear, where you enter information about the employees. If you need more columns, click the link "+ Add another 5 recipients
  6. The fields "Total" and "Total recipients" will be filled in automatically every time you add more recipient fields.
  7. When you have finished making the payment (not to exceed 15 minutes), check whether all recipients are marked with a tick. If the field is not ticked, then after using the "Add" or "Pay" button it will disappear regardless of whether it contains any data or not.
  8. Press the "Pay" button
  9. Review the prepared payment. If everything is correct, enter the required code and confirm that the payment is sent for execution.

Add the employee from the Salary card catalogue

If the salary cards of your employees are executed in our bank, you can use the salary card "Catalogue".

The "Catalogue" is the opportinity to download from the bank's system the salary cards list of your organisation's employees.

  1. In the salary payment cell "Add from the catalogue" enter the beneficiary's (or multiple beneficiaries') name and the recipient's data will be filled in automatically.
  1. Press the "Add from catalogue" button to automatically load the entire up-to-date list of the company's employees with their salary card data.To remove unwanted recipients from the list, remove the tick on the left side of the recipient's name
  1. Enter the required amounts and, if necessary, the details. You can add to the preloaded list other recipients, or remove unnecessary ones (remove the tick).

To apply for the use of the "Catalogue", you have to send to the bank a free form application (Internet bank's section "Messages") with the request to add your employees' salary card catalogue.
The service is free of charge, and the catalogue is registered within 1 business day.