On 1 April of this year, we’re introducing changes to the Price List of Luminor services for private customers.

We conduct regular Price List reviews as is the standard practice across the industry.
The main fee adjustments are for:

  • the Luminor Debit package (not applicable to kids and seniors);
  • additional Luminor Debit cards (the first card is included in the Luminor Debit package by default);
  • Safety+ service;
  • account maintenance (non-residents and inactive accounts);
  • account statements and references.

In addition, new service fees are introduced, including a fee for payment card delivery by mail (not applicable to the kids’ and youth offer).  
All upcoming service fee adjustments are listed below – please take a moment to look them through.

Changes to the Price List for private customers as of 1 April 2023

If you agree to our proposed changes, you don't need to take any action – the changes will take effect on 1 April 2023.

If you don’t agree to them, you have the right to withdraw from the service contracts affected by these changes immediately, free of charge, and without penalty by notifying us in writing by 1 April 2023 and fulfilling the obligations arising from these service contracts.

Thank you for choosing Luminor for your banking needs.