Kazanins: Luminor’s ambition – to become the leading partner in digital finance | Luminor
Jevgeņijs Kazaņins

Jevgeņijs Kazaņins

Jevgenijs Kazanins, Luminor Head of Daily Banking Products in the Baltics:

Our ambition is to become the leading digital finance partner for entrepreneurial people in the Baltic States within three years. This is the right moment for revolutions – we see that clients need a dynamic and technologically advanced partner capable of adapting to their requirements. We also see that it is hard for the banking sector to keep up with the pace, as it has been quite bulky by now, which is why we are starting over and rewriting the rules.

This Friday, February 9, Jevgenijs Kazanins together with fintech experts will discuss the future trends and challenges of the finance industry during the leading start-up event in the Baltics – Techchill. In the course of discussion, he will give a detailed account of Luminor’s vision, development benefits and opportunities in the circumstances of increasing competition.

“It is obvious that traditional banks have to change, and this moment is perfect for a breakthrough. We are striving to create a dynamic and technologically advanced service provider capable of adapting to the clients’ trends. Luminor has already managed to become a top-3 financial partner with 1.3 million clients and a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of local markets. Now, at the time of digital progress, we have many advantages compared to other players – our position is very good for innovations”, points out Jevgenijs Kazanins.

The panel discussion “Neo-banks vs. Banks: how will the battle for consumer finance play out in 2018?” will take place this Friday at 12.00 and will be available online here.

TechChill in Riga will gather together about 2000 of most recognised startupers, innovators and challengers in the field of technologies.

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