Luminor opens its services to developers | Luminor

Luminor has launched Developer Portal which is helping entrepreneurs to find the best ways for integrating their products with bank`s services.

Open Banking provides unlimited areas of application in real life: from integrating banking services directly into existing solutions, such as accounting or financial planning software, to creating brand new products by extending and tailoring banking services to specific customer segment needs.
Luminor Developer Portal, the first steps in Luminor Open Banking strategy, allows developers, product owners, startups and software companies get familiar with Luminor Open Banking APIs, a programmatic way to access bank’s services, test potential use cases, and start designing applications that can extend or integrate with bank’s services.
“Luminor was established to serve Baltic companies and entrepreneurially minded individuals. We believe that Open Banking will allows us to reinforce this ambition by partnering with developer community in the Baltic States and thus, creating products and services that suit the very needs of people and companies in our region,” said Head of Daily Banking Products of Luminor Jevgenijs Kazanins. “Therefore, we expect Luminor Open Banking interest to draw attention from wider community, starting from independent developers, to startups, to enterprise IT systems integrators. We expect companies to create an application for retail and business segments across multiple industries.”
Luminor Developer Portal is already available at At the moment Developer Portal provides information about APIs related to accounts, payments and payment cards. However, Luminor’s Open Banking strategy encompasses extending API range to the full product list covering Daily Banking, Savings and Lending products. A series of events are planned across all Baltic States to provide better insights into existing and planned APIs, engage with the developer community and facilitate the conversation about potential co-operation.

For more information please contact: Inese Kronberga