2PL - Luminor 53-58

  • Accounting unit value
  • Net asset value
    359 888 659
  • Initial unit value
  • Date started

Unit value change (on chosen period): 1.47%

Unit value change (%)

Per 3 months Per 6 months Year-to-date
2.86 % 6.79 % 6.51 %
Plan’s costs, including administration fees, have already been deducted from the plan’s profit (yield) shown in the table. The plan's historical results are no guarantee of similar results in the future. The investment results of the plan can provide both profit and loss - there is no guarantee that the amount of contributions into the plan will be maintained or increase. Before you start saving in the pension plan, make sure that the chosen plan is the most appropriate choice for your age and risk tolerance, familiarize yourself with the terms of the plan (Prospectus) and the investment policy on the Luminor website.