Remember – when contacting you either in writing or per telephone we will never ask you about:

  • Your internet-bank password
  • Full number of your code card or calculator
  • Your card number
  • Card expiry date
  • PIN code
  • CVV2 code or the three-digit code on the reverse side, on the white strip near your signature.

If you are calling our official telephone number our conversation will be recorded. For identification purposes we may ask you for the information as follows:

  • User name
  • Code from the code calculator
  • Serial number of the code calculator / code card number
  • Voice password of the card
  • Personal ID
  • Name, surname/corporate name
  • Contact information – e-mail address, postal address, telephone number
  • Information about transactions/used banking services

If you have any suspicions, please, contact us by calling +371 6717 1880, writing to Moreover, we kindly ask you to read through Internet security recommendations.