Trust to Luminor

Eva Evelone, Senior Private Banker

Work at the bank is my first and only work. After graduating from high school, and later from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Latvia, I was fascinated by economics and numbers. I was also interested in communication – cooperation with clients. Therefore, as my future profession I had outlined one that could combine these two fields. When I was offered a job at the bank, I knew that it was the right place for me.

When you love your work with all your heart

I have never dreamed of desperately and rapidly climbing the career ladder, when you think that you have to get higher and higher by every means. I have climbed the career ladder, developing in each of the positions I have worked in. I started working in a contact centre, then I worked in a personal service centre, where I talked to clients about loans and investments. After some time I became a personal financial advisor. Private banking also came in succession – my diligence and quality of work were appreciated. I have come to where I am now thanks to the high demands to myself and the fact that I love my work with all mu heart. Luminor stands out among other banks for its excellent team and high professionalism.

Will you be able to sleep well

What are my strengths? High standards, communication with our clients, trustful mutual relations, and only then business results follow. The golden rule that helps in everyday life is a positive view of everything and selfless work. I know clearly that you cannot impose anything on anyone, because there is a long-term cooperation between us, and not a short-term sale.

Maybe not quite immediately, but over time every banker in the world of investments must take a step on their own. I have also invested and I have realized – to talk about it is one, but to skip through your own prism is something completely different. I ask myself the same thing as I ask the clients: will you be able to fall asleep in the evening, being aware of the amount of investment made against the risk taken. I choose to sleep well …

Be honest to yourself

I do sports for self-improvement. I have convinced myself many times that this is the best way to clear my mind and restart. I do strength training and run when weather allows. When you run, a train of thoughts passes through my head, and I come home with a clear head and pure thoughts. Such self-restart is especially important in times of change.

I overcome difficulties by asking myself – is it worth to worry about the things you cannot affect? The answer, of course, is no. But when it comes to my life goal – I want to be honest to myself. I think that is the most important thing that I also teach my children every day.

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