Consumer loan, Car loan
Agreement fee1.5% of loan amount, min. €60
Change of loan monthly payment date or loan repayment account€20
Early loan repaymentFree
Partial loan repayment prior to agreement maturity dateFree

You need a payment account in Luminor to conclude a loan agreement. Information on charges and commission fees related to the opening and use of the payment account is available here.

More information about Consumer loan can be found here and about Car loan here.

Housing loan, Idea loan (Private loan)
Agreement fee (1)1% of loan amount or additionally disbursable amount, min. €100
Agreement amendment fee (2) (3) (4)€200
Changes in credit agreement in case of restructuring and extension of composite schedules€100
Change of loan monthly repayment date or change of loan repayment account or extension of loan issuance (5)
- once in a calendar year;Free
- as of the second change in one calendar year€20
Payment holidays according to credit agreement Free
Early full or partial loan repayment if interest rate is floatingFree
Early full or partial loan repayment if interest rate is fixed The fee is calculated according to the formula (6), unless otherwise specified in the agreement
Loan execution by refunding obligations from another bankFree
Refinancing the loan liabilities at another creditor or in case of sale of the pledged property if the transaction is financed by other creditor€400
Other fees
Housing loan Plus services (e.g. real estate assessment)To be agreed individually
Additional services (e.g. real estate assessment)To be agreed individually
Consideration and coordination of renovation works and the construction cost estimate (the fee is payable prior to the provision of service)In the case of repairs, evaluation estimates are free of charge. In the case on construction it is subject to an individual agreement
Extramural assessment of the property pledged to the Bank - an apartment in a multi-apartment house€50
Preparation of standard documents (E.g. bank's approvals to state institutions and consents related to the property)€35
Penalty for failure to submit the insurance policy of the collateral€100

(1) Different conditions can be applied if the purchase agreement is signed with Luminor partners.
(2) For example, changes in payment schedule (except change of monthly loan repayment date), collateral composition, loan issuance conditions, loan currency, etc.
In case the interest rate under the agreement is fixed and its validity is terminated as a result of changing the terms and conditions of the agreement, then an additional fee is applied which is equal to the early repayment fee applied to loans with fixed interest rate (see “Early full or partial loan repayment if interest rate is fixed”). In such cases, the calculation of the fee is based on the outstanding loan amount but not on the pre‑paid loan amount. For the purpose of application of this fee the validity of the fixed interest rate is considered to be terminated in the following cases:
- the fixed interest rate is changed into the interest rate changed on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis;
- the fixed interest rate is changed into a lower fixed interest rate;
- the loan currency is changed;
- the effective period of the fixed interest rate is shortened;
- the loan amount provided by the agreement is reduced.
(3) If the early repayment of the loan takes place at the same time as the reduction of the repayment term, resulting in no increase in the monthly payment, no commission fee is charged.
(4) In case of complex amendment up to 0.2% of loan balance.
(5) Extension of loan issuance up to 90 days at the customer’s request.
(6) The fee is calculated as compensation for potential costs of the Bank directly linked to the early repayment. The fee is calculated according to the formula: I = (ratio K * P),
where I – early repayment fee;
P – loan amount being repaid early;
Ratio K – value calculated by the Bank which depends on the financial market interest rates change, the rest of the period to a fixed rate expiry and the final repayment date.

More information about Housing loan can be found here and about Idea loan here.

Overdraft (new overdrafts are not issued)
Annual overdraft interest rate21%
Annual limit excess interest36%
Agreement amendment fee€30
Student loan (new loans are not issued)
Loan agreement amendment fee€25
A fine for a delayed provision of a certificate from an educational institution€25
A delay fine0.1% per day