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References and account statements
Preparation of a reference upon the Customer’s request*:
- on the existence of an account, account transactions and account balanceEUR 10,00
- non-standard reference orderingby agreement, min. EUR 40,00
Audit referenceEUR 65,00
Receipt of the Account statement or information on the Account transactions through Internetbank Free of charge
Issuance of the account statement or information on the Account transactions at the Bank** or dispatch by mailEUR 5,00 (per Account or Card)
***NDEA The account statement/invoice preparation and/or confirmation by the request (statement/invoice, which is not prepared in the bank, are not accepted)EUR 5,00 (per Account or Card)

* If at the Customer’s request the Bank issues a reference that contains information about several positions specified therein the fee for preparation of such reference shall be calculated by adding up the fees for the respective references and account statements.
** A consumer who has not entered with the Bank into an agreement on the use of Internetbank may in the Bank’s premises (banking halls) free of charge obtain a paper-based account statement or information included in the account statement once in every calendar month for the precedent calendar month.
***Account number, which contains letters “NDEA” (LVxxNDEAxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Other services
Inspection of authorization issued by the Customer:
- if issued in LatviaEUR 15,00
- if issued abroadEUR 100,00
Service fee for Private Banking customers*EUR 50,00
Provision of information to public authorities in accordance with the law including - Acceptance and execution of orders or assignments from bailiffs (official receivers) or the State Revenue Service**EUR 10,00 + fee for the payment according to the “Payments” price list
Issuance of a document from the archiveEUR 30,00 (for each document)
Mail deliveryEUR 5,00
Courier deliveryEUR 5,00 + Actual costs

"* The Commission applies if the customer and the Bank have entered into a contract ("Cooperation Agreement", "Individual Servicing Agreement", "Private Banking Agreement") on individual customer service and the average balance of the Customer's assets in the Bank during the previous three month period is less than the minimum specified by the Bank criteria.
** The fee is paid by the Customer, regarding the account or cash funds of which a relevant instruction or order has been received."