References and account statements
Drafting of a reference upon the Customer’s request (1):
- Standard reference about account (2) €15
- Standard reference about loan or transactions (3)€40
- Non-standard referenceBy agreement, min. €55
Audit reference€65
Receipt of the Account statement or information on the Account transactions through Internetbank Free
Issuance of the account statement or information on the Account transactions at a Customer Service Center (4) or dispatch by mail or by e-mail.€5 per month, max €60 (per account or card)

(1) If upon the Customer's request the Bank issues a reference that contains information comprised of several items, the fee for the preparation of the relevant reference shall be subject to the aggregation of the fees set for the references and account statements with the relevant content.
(2) Standard reference on opened/ closed account; account balance; overdue liabilities for daily banking services.
(3) Standard reference on loan balance; fully repaid credit liabilities; non-existence of credit liabilities; approved / rejected loan; loan repayment quality; transactions in account, with card; used Regular payment and Regular invoice payment/ E-invoice standing order (ERRA).
(4) The consumer who has not entered into an agreement with the Bank on the use of Internet Banking, is eligible to receive a free of charge account statement or the information included in the account statement at the Customer Service Centers once a calendar month for the previous calendar month.