Guarantees | Luminor
Issuance of a guarantee:
- issuance of a guarantee within 3 business daysAs agreed, minimum EUR 150,00
- issuance of an urgent guaranteeAs agreed, minimum EUR 250,00
- issuance of a guarantee against term deposit/cash pledge within 3 business daysEUR 100,00
- issuance of an urgent guarantee against term deposit/cash pledgeEUR 200,00
Use of guarantee / Guarantee commission:*
- if secured by term deposit/cash pledge*1% of the guarantee amount per year, minimum EUR 40.00*
- in case of another security*As agreed, minimum EUR 80.00*
Amendments to the conditions of the guarantee:
- issuance of a guarantee amendment within 3 business daysEUR 80,00
- issuance of an urgent guarantee amendmentEUR 150,00
Cancellation of a guaranteeEUR 70,00
Handling of demand for payment0.25% from requested amount, min. EUR 350,00 max. EUR 1000,00
Preparation of a guarantee draft (applicable only if the guarantee is not issued)EUR 70,00
Advice of a guarantee issued by another bankEUR 85,00
Advice of a guarantee amendment issued by another bankEUR 80,00
Examination of the wording/Verification of authenticity of a guarantee issued by another bank (applicable if the Bank is not the advising bank)EUR 35,00
Notification of assignment of proceeds under a guaranteeEUR 35,00
Handling of a counterguarantee issued by another bank serving as a security for a loanother financial instrumentsEUR 150,00
Notification of readiness to issue a guaranteeEUR 75,00
Issuance of a duplicate of a guaranteeEUR 64,00
Handling of demand for payment under a guarantee issued by another bankEUR 100,00
SWIFT messageEUR 15,00

* If the account for the provision of services and term deposit funds is using an account which number contains letters “NDEA” (LVxxNDEAxxxxxxxxxxxxx) minimum commission is not fixed.