1. Make the authorization of the transaction by following the POS terminal user’s manual.
  2. Make sure that the Transaction is accepted and completed by POS terminal (authorized).
  3. Make sure that slip was signed by Cardholder if there was a space for the Cardholder’s signature on the slip.
  4. Compare signature tally on the Card’s signature strip and on the slip.

If transaction was made with magnetic stripe and there was not possible to fulfill all of above stated instructions, you should consider of canceling transaction to avoid fraud risk.

  1. If the Cardholder wants to add an extra amount to the sum on the receipt they must fill out the fields „EXTRA”, „TOTAL” and ask sign the slip.
  2. If the Cardholder has added an extra amount to the sum on the receipt once more ask the Cardholder for the Card and execute the extra amount as an independent transaction. If the transaction is

Visa card and the extra amount is below 20% of the transaction amount, enter the extra amount under the “Point-of-sale terminal operation manual”.

If you have any doubt that the holder is abusing the Card, please, call Card Processing Centre of Luminor Bank AS on +371 6717 1880.