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Whiсh type of code generator do I have?

Сode calculator Digipass 270:

GO3 calculator :

Why use of code cards/ GO3 code calculators will be terminated?

The change comes due to the stricter European Union (EU) requirements for customer digital authentication aimed at protecting people from fraud. 

When I should stop using code cards?

We recommend choosing other tool of authentication as soon as possible, before September 10.

Could I use several tools of authentication in parallel?

Yes. For example, you can activate Smart-ID and leave code card as second mean of authentication till September 10. 

What you recommend if I have smartphone?

Start using Smart-ID – secure, easy and fast way to authenticate yourself online. 

What are the benefits of Smart-ID?

  • Your smartphone is always with you. It means that your bank is always with you, too.
  • It is simple to use. All you need is to create two passwords - one for login in, and second for payments/actions confirmation.

Should I visit customer service center to start using Smart ID?

No! You can activate Smart-ID by yourself at any place and time convenient for you. All you need is a smartphone, internet connection and existing authentication device. 

What is the price for registration and usage of Smart ID?

Registration and usage is for free.

What will happen to my Internet Bank limits if I start using Smart ID?

Your Internet Bank limits will stay the same as they are for your current authentication tool. Limits are available here.

What you recommend to customer if he has no smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can purchase code calculator at any of our customer service centres. Issuing fee as per the Price list. 


Which means of authentication are available to children?

Smart-ID and code calculator is available for children starting from age 7.