By filling this application form I confirm to Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch (hereinafter – the Bank) that the information presented in this application and documents attached thereto is true, complete and precise. I acknowledge that the implementation of this service involves personal data processing by the Bank and the processors involved in providing the requested service(s).

When filling this application form, I acknowledge being informed about the general terms and conditions of personal data processing provided in Luminor’s Privacy Policy and Luminor’s Data Retention Policy which upon request is available also at any Banks place of service and of the purposes and legal basis of the processing as well as any processors, recipients of personal data and the exercise of data subject rights as well as relevant terms and definitions. Luminor’s Data Retention Policy will specify the period for which the Customer’s personal data will be stored.

I confirm that personal data of persons other than me provided in this document is obtained lawfully and that I am entitled to disclose such personal data to the Bank for the purposes of implementation of the requested service(s). I confirm and guarantee that such persons are informed of the processing of their personal data by the Bank and have consented or otherwise legally agreed to such processing. I confirm that such persons have been referred to Luminor’s Privacy Policy. The controller of personal data processed under this document is the Bank. Upon request, Luminor’s Data Protection Officer ( will provide additional information about the processing of personal data under this service and assist the Customer with the exercise of the Customers rights.

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