Money transactions | Luminor
Transfer money to Luminor Investor

Transfer money to Luminor Investor via internet bank. Make the transfer from your Luminor account, which is specified in your Luminor Investor agreement using details below:

Beneficiary Luminor Bank AS
Beneficiary’s account No LV97RIKO0002T10000011 EUR
LV82RIKO0002T20000011 USD
LV67RIKO0002T30000011 NOK
LV52RIKO0002T40000011 SEK
LV37RIKO0002T50000011 GBP
LV22RIKO0002T60000011 DKK
Amount Amount you would like to transfer to Luminor Investor account
Purpose Add your Investor user ID, which could be found in Luminor Investor welcome letter
  1. We accept money transfers only from your Luminor account, which is specified in your Luminor Investor agreement.
  2. Your Luminor Investor account should be funded with minimum amount of 100 EUR or equivalent in another currency within 30 days from conclusion of the agreement, otherwise your agreement will be automatically terminated according to the Agreement on Execution of Orders In the Luminor Trading Platform clause 4.4.

Please check the pricelist for transfer prices

Monetary funds are transferred to your account in Luminor Investor:

  • The same business day, if the funds are transferred by 15:00
  • Next business day, if the funds are transferred after 15:00

Transfer money from Luminor Investor

There are two ways to request transfer of funds from Luminor Investor:

  1. Fill free form application in the internet bank > Describe amount and currency.
  2. Download and fill  application and bring it to any Customer Service Centre.

Transfer fees – for transferring money from Luminor Investor fixed fee is applied:

EUR    2.00 EUR
USD    2.70 USD
GBP    1.70 GBP
NOK    17.00 NOK
SEK    18.00 SEK
DKK    15.00 DKK

All requests are executed subject to settlement of all transactions and payment of all applicable fees:

  • Same business day if received until 15:00
  • Next business day if received after 15:00

If some transactions are not settled or applicable fees are not paid, execution of withdrawal requests are postponed until all settlements and payments are completed. Funds from Luminor Investor are transferred only to client's Luminor Bank AS account indicated in the Luminor Investor agreement.