Do I need to pledge anything for the loan?

Real estate pledge is not required.

What could be the maximum loan term?

We offer consumer loans with maximum loan repayment period of 5 years. The minimum is 12 months.

What does interest rate consist of?

The Bank offers fixed interest rate and it is set individually based on the loan amount, income, prior cooperation with the Bank, credit history and other criteria.

What may be the loan currency?

The Bank offers this type of loan only in EUR currency to customers which income is in the same currency.

What loan repayment method can I choose?

The Bank offers the annuity method, you will pay loan payments of an equal amount each month according to the schedule.

Can I repay earlier than the maturity of the loan?

You are free to repay the loan or any portion thereof before the due date.

What are the consequences of late payments?

In case of an overdue payment you may incur a penalty or default interest on the late amount. In case of long or repeated default the Bank may request early repayment of the entire
disbursed loan.

Debt collection may be turned to the obligor's or surety's movable or immovable property as well as their income. You may be held liable also for the official receiver's expenses.

If you experience any difficulties with your monthly payments, you are kindly asked to immendiately contact us to find a solution.

Other things I should know?

To obtain a loan you will need some additional services, i.e.:

  • Maintain a current account and Internet-bank in Luminor Bank AS Latvian Branch for the entire loan repayment period.
  • After the loan disbursement you will have to purchase real estate within 60 months.