Purchase insurance for carefree shopping

Purchase insurance for carefree shopping

Purchase insurance for carefree shopping

  • Global coverage – in physical stores and online
  • Valid up to 180 days from the purchase
  • Included with Luminor Black and Luminor Infinite cards

Feel more confident about bigger purchases 

Ever dropped your phone the day after buying it? Then you know that accidents happen. But luckily, some accidents can also be reversed.

The Luminor Black and Infinite cards come with free 180-day purchase insurance against damage, destruction, and burglary (forcible entry involved). The purchase insurance applies to most goods bought for long-term use, including electronics, furniture, jewellery, eyewear, sports gear, and tools.

You can find information with an extract from the insurance terms and conditions here. Note that the insurance doesn’t apply to used items, items bought in instalments, lost goods, or minor cosmetic damages.

Luminor purchase insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvia Branch, reg. no. 40103942087, Vienības gatve 87H, Riga.

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How it works

Your purchase is insured as soon as you buy the insurance-eligible item with your Luminor Black or Infinite card. Make sure to save the receipt or invoice for your purchase – you will need it as proof!

Your item will be insured 180 days from the date of purchase, provided that your Luminor Black or Infinite card is active throughout the period. If your card is blocked or disabled during the 180-day period after the purchase, the insurance coverage will be ended.

If you or an immediate family member have an accident with the insurance-eligible item, you’ll receive compensation for repair or replacement.

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A few of examples of what the purchase insurance covers

  • Compensation for repairing the shattered screen of a smartphone you bought 5 months ago
  • Full reimbursement for designer sunglasses you bought at the start of spring and sat on during the last party of the summer
  • Compensation for fixing your laptop that got damaged in its case while travelling
  • Full reimbursement for replacing your brand-new mountain bike that was stolen from your garage, entered illegally and forcibly
Purchase insurance limits

Total amount per year Max. amount per event Max. amount per purchase* Deductible amount per item
EUR 4,000 EUR 2,000 EUR 1,000 EUR 30

*Mobile phones, computers, and their gadgets, glasses, sunglasses, smartwatches, bracelets, headphones – EUR 800 for Luminor Black, EUR 1,600 for Luminor Infinite; jewelry, fur, and hand watches – EUR 400; See terms and conditions.

Enjoy your purchases

In case of an insured event

Follow these guidelines for reporting the insurance event.

Please note that among other details, you will have to submit:

  • an electronic application via compensa.lv (or via phone: 8888) no later than 3 days after the incident;
  • a receipt or invoice confirming you bought the item using Luminor Black or Luminor Infinite;
  • photos of the damaged or stolen item.

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