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Enjoy a happy, easy going holiday with travel insurance provided by credit card!

Benefits of the travel insurance

  • Wherever you travel, our insurance partners are always ready to help
  • Say hello to peace of mind when you travel abroad. Depending on credit card's type travel insurance gives you medical expenses, accidents insurance, civil responsibility, delayed departure or luggage insurance cover
  • Sport lovers are welcome too, so you can enjoy pursuits like skiing on tracks and even more
  • Insurance coverage is also valid for cardholders‘ family members travelling together
  • Travel insurance will be in effect also for domestic trips
  • If COVID‑19 illness is diagnosed while travelling, the insurer shall compensate all expenses incurred in the first 14 days of travelling in relation to provision of medical aid abroad

    Familiarise with the new terms and conditions of credit card travel insurance here.

How to act in case of an insured event?

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