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Enjoy a happy, easy going holiday with travel insurance provided by credit card!*

Benefits of the travel insurance

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of occurrence of an insured event, please contact ERGO Insurance SE, Latvia`s Branch or its assistance partner.

  • As soon as possible report the accident. Call ERGO to its 24/7 customer support hotline at +371 6708 1887 or fill out the application electronically on ERGO’s website:
  • Retain and submit all documents evidencing the time and venue of the insured accident, other material circumstances and the amount of loss (medical references, police protocols or airport statements, receipts, invoices, etc.).
  • Should you need the medical services payment warranty or information on accessibility of medical assistance, please, contact 24/7 support service: April Baltic by calling +371 6441 5242 or e-emailing to
  • When applying for reimbursement, please, indicate the credit card holder’s name, surname, date of birth and the first six and the last four digits of the credit card number.
  • Luminor credit card holders’ travel insurance policy number: 730881881

If you need any assistance, please contact ERGO 24/7 customer support hotline by calling +371 6708 1887

Call Centre of ERGO Insurance SE, Latvia's Branch

Phone no.: 1887
for calls from abroad: +371 6708 1887
Notification form:

In case of medical and repatriation expenses insurance please contact assistance partner April Baltic

Phone no.: +371 6441 5242

Ordering your travel insurance is easy


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