Current account opening and maintenance
First account opening (1)Free
Maintaining the accounts (2) Free
Opening of additional current account and closure of current account:
- via Internet bankFree
- at the Customer Service Center or via Customer Support€5
Fee for verification of documents for an account opening for customers who are not legal residents (3) of EU, EEA or Swiss Confederation.€200
Termination of business relationsFree
Inactive Account administration fee per month, if the Customer fails to fulfil the request of the Bank to transfer the funds from Customer’s Account and/or close the Account within the deadline specified by the Bank€50
Additional maintaining the account monthly fee for non-resident outside the EEA€15
Account balance fee (4) if the total balance exceeds: EUR 500 000; SEK 5 000 000; DKK 3 750 000; CHF 500 000; JPY 65 000 000; CZK 12 500 000.(Central Bank annual interest rate (5) minus 0.1% point)/360

(1) When opening an account, it is mandatory to choose a daily banking package, for which a monthly fee will be applied according to the pricelist.
(2) If customer have chosen a daily banking package , for which a monthly fee will be applied according to the pricelist.
(3) A natural person who has the right to reside in a member state of EU, EEA or Swiss Confederation by virtue of EU or national law, including a natural person who has acquired asylum seeker, refugee or alternative status.
(4) The fee is calculated at the end of each day and is applicable if, at the time of calculation, the total balance of current accounts of one customer in the same currency exceeds the total balance in the respective currency indicated above. The fee is calculated by multiplying the sum above the limit by the absolute value (i.e., module) of the respective fee indicated above. The fee does not apply if the Central Bank annual interest rate becomes positive or zero.
(5) The Central Bank annual interest rate is the annual interest rate set by the central bank for the respective currency:
• for EUR currency - ECB deposit facility rate,
• for SEK currency - Sveriges Riksbank repo rate,
• for DKK currency - Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of deposit rate,
• for CHF currency - Swiss National Bank negative interest rate,
• for JPY currency - Bank of Japan complementary deposit facility rate,
• for CZK currency - Czech National Bank deposit facility rate.

More information about Account opening can be found here.