Term deposit account opening and maintenance
Termination of the Term Deposit before the Deposit maturity date (1)1% of the Deposit Principal amount, min. €5
Transfer from Savings account to current account with the prior notice:
- at least 7 calendar days in advanceFree
- less than 7 calendar days in advance0.5% of the amount, min. €5
Termination of the Saving for a Child or transfer from the Saving for the Child account before the Deposit Maturity Date (2)0.5% of the amount, min €5

Annual Interest Rates on Deposits can be found here.

(1) The Customer shall lose the Accrued Interest. Previously paid Accrued Interest the Bank shall withhold from the Deposit Principal.
(2) Not applicable in case the Customer has come of age.

More information about Term deposit can be found here.