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Let bank take care of your regular invoice payments! Overwhelming majority of your bills are regular. With invoice the payments goes out automatically as soon as the invoice comes in. You just enjoy the service!

Advantages of regular invoice payments

Just a few steps to set up your e-invoice


Enter internet bank

Fill in an application in your Internet Banking section "Payments - Regular invoice payments"


Choose e-invoice

Choose which e-invoices you would like to receive. 


Get e-invoices paid

Enjoy your service and the convenience of automatic payments. 

Enjoy the convenience of automatic payments!

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Important! The e-invoice payments are provided in cooperation with Fitek. Two days before the due date the bank makes the payment by debiting the client’s account the required amount and the related service fee. The customer must ensure the availability of assets on the account.
Client agrees that the client and billing information will be disclosed to Fitek. Regular billing is not possible if the client company refuses cooperation with Fitek. Please make sure that the e-invoice service has been activated. The bank will not check the correctness of the bills and the quality of services stated in the bills.