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Insurance distribution notice

When offering the home insurance Luminor Bank AS, reg. No 11315936, address: Liivalaia 45, 10145, Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, represented within the Republic of Latvia by Luminor Bank AS Latvian Branch, reg. No 40203154352, address: Skanstes iela 12, LV-1013, Riga, Republic of Latvia acts as the insurance mediator on behalf of AAS BALTA insurance company (reg. No. 40003049409, having its registered office at 10/12 Raunas iela, Riga). Luminor Bank AS shall process your personal data to prepare AAS BALTA insurance offer and forward them to AAS BALTA. Filling in the application form does not bind the Policyholder or the Insurer to conclude the insurance agreement. If the insurance agreement is concluded, this application becomes its integral part. Do you agree that based on this this application Luminor will provide the Insurer with information that is necessary to conclude the insurance agreement?

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Insurance period

Desirable start date for home insurance policy

If the insurance premium is divided to monthly payments, then the start date of the policy will also be the payment date for future obligations. For example, if the policy start date is set to 15, then insurance premium payments will be requested on the 15th of every month. The start date of the policy is the day on which the insurance protection becomes valid. When insurance contract is valid, the Insurer is obliged to pay the insurance indemnity if any of the risks specified in the policy occurs. Tap to closeTap to close

Insurance premium payment frequency
Length of insurance period

All-risk insurance package protects against unforeseen expenses in any household situation - if the home is destroyed by fire, strong wind, flood, accident in the water supply, heating or sewerage system, as well as a visit by vandals or thieves. All-risk insurance additionally takes compensates rescue and cleaning works, renovation of common areas and structures, the rental expenses for temporary accommodation, as well as covers various everyday accidents, for example, if a neighbor causes damage to your property during repairs, if a child marks the walls of a room or if a boiler falling from the wall hits tiles. The insurance does not cover losses that are related to war, landslides, natural amortisation, uncoordinated construction and other exceptional cases stated in the Insurance Terms & Conditions. Extended risk package and Basic risk package have lower insurance coverage than All-risk insurance package. Tap to close

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